Wendy Young Photography | Pondering Jackson

My photography and my life are very tightly entwined. Being a wife and mother are roles in my life that I cherish. I’ve spent several years photographing my family and the everyday events that take place among us. It’s a way for me to further sense the depth of the relationships that I have with my parents, my husband, and my children. Photographing those that are close to me gives me an opportunity to hold a moment with my loved ones. I can study it and maybe begin to comprehend the complexities that exist in family dynamics.

Childhood is fleeting. I was 24 when my daughter, Corey, was born and I was 41 when my son, Jackson, arrived. I thought that Corey grew too fast, but Jackson’s journey into kindergarten has happened at lightning speed. This work is mostly about holding on to the moments that have occurred in the short period of time that Jackson has graced our lives. I know now that I’ll have another 23-year-old very soon. The images are also about the discovery and behavior exhibited by very young children within the confines of the home, yard, and neighborhood. There is so much to learn in the small amount of time that humans spend in childhood, and I am fascinated by the process that Jackson goes through to take it all in. These moments of discovery and wonder are what I wish to keep and ponder as he becomes an adult.