Wendy Young Photography | Teenagers

In 1998, I started photographing my now 23 year old daughter, Corey, and her friends. The space between childhood and becoming an adult is negligible in the grand scheme of life, but as you exist in that space it seems vast and overwhelming. Adolescents struggle to replace their parent’s approval with approval from society and their peers. Adulthood looms only a few short years away. The notion of becoming responsible for themselves and musings about what their life may bring can cause unbelievable pressure. Struggles range form embracing sexuality to understanding themselves as the adults they are becoming. Decisions made during this time will have great impact on who and what they may become.

The clash of childhood and maturity shows on their faces an in their attitudes. These images are momentary glimpses of the seemingly endless days of being a teenager in the Twenty-first Century. I photographed Corey and her friends so that I can study what happened in their lives. I want to understand the events that shaped them while reflecting on my own time spent in that space known as adolescence.